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American Bulldog & Bandogge Breeders, Colorado
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Johnson / Standard / Performance Line / Hybrid American Bulldog Breeders
Breeding Companion / Protection Dogs and Traditional Farm Utility Bulldogs

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All About American Bulldogs with American Bulldog puppies for saleWelcome to Blasco Family Bulldogs©. We breed American Bulldogs and various Bandogge Mastiffs in Colorado. While we do respect the accomplishments of more dog show oriented fellow breeders (and we offer high praise to some of them), and while Blasco dogs have indeed stood in the winner's circle, beauty contest victories are not our particular focus. We are breed developers, focused exclusively on hybrid, working type American Bulldogs and Bandogge Mastiffs.

It is a scientific fact, outcross breeding (breeding dogs together of different breeds), consistently promotes superior dog-health across a broad range of metrics. Our goal is to capture what we believe are the superior health, structural, performance and protection characteristics of more ancient dogs, from the modern dog genome. We often have excellent purebred dogs, as well as other beautiful, highly functional dogs, the successful results of our outcross breedings. However, all Blasco dogs are suitable for family companionship and homestead protection. I'm Daniel Blasco, and that's our boy, Blasco's Doc Holliday. Sorry if I look a little mean, the sun was in my eyes.

All Blasco dogs can be trained as K-9 Good Citizens (except where otherwise noted), while retaining their strong drive towards family protection. The American Bulldog's prey drive is generally subordinate to their pack drive (motivating protection of the pack - you, your kids and your livestock animals). Such dogs were originally developed on medieval European farmyards as homestead helpers - homesteads typically run by families of children, who successfully managed both domestic and wild beasts, with only their loyal family dogs to assist and protect them. These dogs - almost without fail, will naturally differentiate between a lamb (to be protected), and coyotes, to be driven off or killed - a distinction which is clearly not prey driven.

Even in hunting, such dogs do not generally kill hogs or other large game, much less your chickens, goats, piglets or other domestic or livestock animals! They are bred to corral and contain, or (as necessary) to catch and hold a threat; i.e., to "bully" it, until their master arrives - or escapes and recalls the dog to safety.

Our American Bulldogs and Bandogge Mastiffs are farm utility dogs. They are bred to protect people and property from both animal and human predators alike. They are aggressive and territorial. Their natural tendency is to confront the unfamiliar or unwelcome, and bite perceived threats. Our dogs are typically stronger, and much faster, than a human being. So, while they are sweet, stable, and gentle as lambs with family members, they are bred to make their own decisions, and instantly self-initiate against perceived threats with overwhelming aggression. These dogs do not back down, or get chased off with a stick. They are powerful, dominant protection dogs, that take their duty to guard your family and property very seriously. Dogs bred as family and homestead guardians have simple and easy to provide, yet very particular and important requirements to be safe within our communities. All protection bred dogs require:

1) Human and animal socialization from puppyhood through adulthood, teaching the dog through repeated positive exposure, that most people are nice and pleasant to interact with; that other family pets (or unfamiliar dogs at the dog park) do not need to be herded, "bullied" or otherwise controlled.

2) Strict obedience training for the dog which, apart from the standard "sit" and "stay" commands, teaches the dog to always obey the less dominant human personalities within the family pack (your wife and kids), especially the "out" or "down" command, that causes the dog to release anything in its mouth and come to rest at your side, every time, without exception.

3) Responsible, conscientious dog owners that understand their particular dog's capabilities, unique personality, and temperament, and who make all decisions regarding their dog - where to take him, with whom to leave him, whether or not he needs containment in any given situation, with public safety, as well as the potential for liability, always firmly in mind.

Please enjoy the site. It's admittedly long-winded. We use it as sort of our own scrap book, for memories and opinion statements. We also want you to know who we are and where your dog comes from. You'll find most questions answered in agonizing detail on the FAQs page and because of the number of emails I get, I hope you'll at least glance through the FAQs page before emailing me, but please do not hesitate to e-mail me, by form or directly, with any further questions, links, or polite comments you may like to make. Also, if you intend to get a dog from us, please read the Policies & Procedures page in its entirety, and e-mail me if you require any clarifications.

Below you'll find the first few photos of our family, and our dogs, to help you get to know both of us better. There's also more pics and useful bits of information in the Dog Profiles and Photos sections. A quick note on the photos and our inventory of dogs - some of the dogs on the website are no longer with us, either for having passed on, or for having been rehomed as trained adults. We also typically have dogs on our yards that are not pictured on the website, and we work with Blasco Family Bulldogs© Associate Breeders who keep and breed our bloodlines, and off-shoots as well.

And hey, do you already own a Blasco dog? Send us some quality pics and short stories for the site!


ABKC, NKC, UKC American Bulldog Breeders


"It will be seen that the legitimate uses of the mastiff among the Britons were to defend their homes and property, and also to assist in driving cattle, while in times of war they afforded a guard for the women and chariots."
(The History of the Mastiff, Wynn, 1886)

"Most of the dogs I sent to anybody were for protection dogs, for their chickens and their stock, their families and what have you. I sold several dogs to folks for hog dogs."
(Mr. Alan Scott, American Bulldog Review)

"The author Marius Terentius Varro, who died in the year 27 B.C., reports in his book on agriculture of two kinds of dogs that were bred in this country (Rome). The first were hunting dogs and the second large herding dogs, who effectivly protect sheep and goats. From this description of these herding dogs we quote:

The lower jaw is undershot. From it grows two teeth, one on the left, the other on the right, which are only slightly exposed... These dogs have large heads and drooping ears, a strong nape and neck... The tail is thick, the bark sonorous, the jaws large; the color usually is white..."

(Fighting Dog Breeds, Dr. Dieter Fleig, TFH Publications, 1996)
(Referencing the ancient Alaunts of Britain, imported by Rome, and as described by the first century writer, Varro, in Epirus of Molossi...)


American Bulldog Breeders

American Bulldogs, ColoradoOur American Bulldogs

Back in the day... Judah with his kids under a year old. From left: Judah, Pete, Doc, Mambo, Lilly (looking downward) and Trinity. All are over 100 pounds, "kid friendly and mother approved." Even as youngsters, they were extremely child sensitive, careful of their size, and truly preferring the company of our kids, as opposed to simply "tolerating" them.

Judah was 1/4 Performance Line (Dover), 1/4 Old Southern White and 1/2 Johnson American Bulldog. These American Bulldog puppies' mom, Bella, is a 100% Johnson American Bulldog.

American Bulldog Breeders, Wyoming

American Bulldogs and Blasco KidsKids and American Bulldogs...

Daughter, Kat and son, John with Doc, still a baby at 9-months with a whole lot of growing to do.

Look at the calm, peaceful demeanor of this teenage dog, totally trustworthy and gentle with children - no rowdy jumping, nipping, or stepping on - a well mannered, self controlled American Bulldog puppy around children. All of our dogs develop a similar calm maturity early in life, growing in a calm, loving environment.

Treat your dog like a baby bunny for the first year and a half or so; no need to be rough to "make them more aggressive." Just be gentle, loving and protective of them and you'll raise a confident dog that returns the same many times over.

American Bulldog Breeders, Arizona

Kids and American Bulldog puppiesAbi with American Bulldog puppies.

Our dogs meet human hands and voices at birth and are immediately handled freely by our three kids who are careful not to ignore any of them. They actually birth/midwife puppies with only general supervision, attesting to the bond with the mother as well as the level of socialization these puppies already have when they enter new homes. Also, every puppy receives extra feedings by bottle from day-one, imprinting them as much by human children as by their own mother.

Rehomed puppies are about halfway to being fully paper trained, an easy developmental spot to pick up potty training your dog from when you get him or her home. We highly recommend crate training for early house training, but not for caging when you're away at work!

American Bulldog Breeders, Utah
Bully type American Bulldog puppy, Mambo the Mama's Boy with AbiPuppy Love, Abi and Mambo
An American Bulldog Love Story

Abi and Mambo at 11-weeks. Abi is a special needs kid younger than her age, but with a unique connection to animals. Abi called to Mambo less than a week old and still blind. He crawled 15-feet across the floor to her - a distant adventure only days old. He claimed her as his human-mother and from that moment on, Mambo preferred Abi to his own mother, often refusing to nurse off Bella unless Abi's hand was on him. To this day Mambo's consistent, daily goal is to lay down in the same room as Abi - just to be near. Of course, Mambo's not a baby anymore... This American Bulldog puppy grew up!

American Bulldog Breeders, Kansas
Bully type hybrid American Bulldog with son, JohnMambo grew into a big, beautiful, Hybrid type American Bulldog...

John at four hugging Mambo at under a year old. His collar is wrapped around a 24" neck, with obviously a larger head, being the collar stays in place. Mambo is over 100 lbs. here, and still growing. Full grown, Mambo reached 130 pounds.

I love this profile shot showing the slightly longer nose. It's an important distinction between straight Johnson or Bully type American Bulldogs and hybrid American Bulldogs. Most Johnson/Bully types have size, but little stamina and poor sense of smell, because of their squashed noses. The hybrids - if bred right, breed to type, and retain the heavier weights, but gain better olfactory sense, clear breathing and dramatically better stamina - not to mention, hybrid vigor, a huge advantage in warding off diseases, general health, performance and longevity.

American Bulldog Breeders, Nevada

American Bulldog Blasco's Doc Holliday with son, JohnAmerican Bulldogs like to play...

John with Doc at 9-months. At this age, dog, boy and sisters had a blast. The kids were small enough to lay on Doc, and ride him... at a run, even up the stairs. They eventually got bigger, so we stopped them, (not wanting the weight on his back). So, they devised a new game, laying on the tile floor, holding a leash and letting Doc run them around, sliding across the floor. Doc can pull 2,000+ pounds, so he can get a 60-pound kid really moving on a waxed floor. Doc truly loves playing with the kids. I haven't met a well cared for American Bulldog that didn't genuinely enjoy the company of little kids. They just like to play, hang out, watch tv, and lounge upside down on the couch eating peanut butter on whole wheat bread.

American Bulldog Breeders, New Mexico

Working American BulldogThat mouth can catch a regulation sized American football, crunch up a soup bone or swallow a dirty sock or a kids' plastic toy, so make the kids pick up the laundry and toys!

This is the lovely wife, Rebecca with my baby boy Doc having just had his ears and teeth checked - ears for mites, teeth for growth and plaque. (Obviously we use bleach on our counters!) Doc is 12-months here, roughly 105 pounds.

This breed is not suitable for full-time crating and cages, but do very well in small apartments with daily walks and some petting. Just teach them early how to act in the house and they'll be fine.

American Bulldog Breeders, Texas
American BulldogsYoung Adult American Bulldog Puppies...

This is Mambo, Doc in the rear and Pete on the right, all at or just over 100 lbs. as young adult puppies still under a year old. Little Pete in the lower right was smallest of the litter and just look at him.

Pete is a 100 pound dog and can leap easily to the roof (the ROOF) of a Dodge Durango sitting on 31 inch tires - a bit over six feet. Pete is a fun guy. He is the shortest dog in the litter at 25.5" and (in his opinion) the prettiest, so when the group was still together, he was always trying to jump and climb onto stuff to be taller and let everyone admire him.

Doc is also a fantastic jumper, a regular flying Bulldog, but not the mischief maker Pete is. Pete was our Dennis the Menace, just always into stuff, digging holes, pretending he wants to fight and then when someone turns around ready, throwing himself on his back in surrender, clearly just teazing them. Pete is just too funny. Doc and Mambo are big fun, but they're a little more serious.

American Bulldog Breeders, California
Protection Trained Hybrid American Bulldog Guard DogMust-Have-Training/Socialization:

Properly socialized and trained, Blasco Family Bulldogs© offer calm, friendly and stable family protection.

Not properly socializing these dogs is tantamount to attack training them. Poorly socialized, carelessly trained dogs are a high risk liability LIKELY to bite strangers in an effort to control them by forced herding and attack.

Learn the FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to socialize and train your dog into exactly the kind of dog you want.

(To the left, Judah herds me away on Becky's command...)

American Bulldog Breeders, New York
American Bulldog Breeders, Rhode Island
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American Bulldog breeders
American Bulldogs descended from the Alaunt and other ancient Mastiff dogs which were once highly athletic giants of the dog world. Such dogs were homestead helpers, family guardians, hunters of big game, and epic dogs of war. Consider this European painting of shorter nosed, round headed hunting dogs of diverse colors, but seemingly the same type. Compare the size of the men to the size of these robust and highly athletic Mastiff dogs. Most of their heads are taller than a man's hips. Now imagine for a moment if we bred the dogs shown based primarily upon color, faun to faun, white to white, black to black, red to red. In short order we would have four distinct breeds very similar to English Mastiffs, white Mastiffs similar to American Bulldogs, Neapolitan Mastiffs and Dogue de Bordeaux. Yet, there is no question that these dogs come from the same geographic location, likely the same yard and possibly even the same litter(s).

Breeding dogs from a diversity of registered bloodlines -
It's better for the dogs - it's better for the breed...

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