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Dog Profile: Alan Scott's Mystic Gypsy
Scott Type American Bulldog
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NKC# NKC13-900446795

This is our gorgeous girl, Alan Scott's Mystic Gypsy, purchased from Alan Scott as we visited him, December of 2013. We actually bought two dogs from Alan - Gypsy and her younger cousin, Alan Scott's Cisco Kid. These are both dogs from Alan Scott's personal breeding stock - "keeper puppies" never intended for sale. I could explain to you why that matters so much, but instead I asked Alan by email to tell me what makes Gypsy and Cisco so special. Here's his answer below, starting with Cisco, then moving on to Gypsy (our own Mystic Gypsy, not to be confused with another Gypsy he mentions as a progenitor grand dam of Cisco)...



Alan Scott in His Own Words

"I guess I can start with Mikey (Cisco's sire). Mikey's sire (Fred) is a Grandson to Painter's Sargent Rock four times. Rock was a five time Pit Champion. He was a very large dog for the 80s (110 lbs.). Fred (Mikey's sire) has Maw Bell for his Grand Dam twice. She was an only daughter to Dixieman of AS (First Grand Show Champion). She is also the dam of Sargent Rock. Fred has Little Egypt as his Grand Dam the other two times. I sold both of these nice females to Joe Painter in the late 70s. Joe Painter and Mike Margentina bred Sargent Rock to these females. Then bred two pups from each breeding together. Then bred two pups from these two breedings together to get Fred. So Fred is very tightly bred from my dogs from the 70s. Mikey's Dam was Honey Girl of A.S. She was a daughter of Ranger X Gypsy. I made this breeding five times, I liked it so well. Ranger was a Hines bred dog. There was never a puppy off him that was asked to catch that didn't hit like a freight train. I used Gypsy as my catch-dog for several years. She probably caught 75 or 80 hogs.

"Mystic Gypsy's dam Lexus, is sired by Sir Duke of AS. Duke was a Jr. Show Champion and a wonderful catch-dog. He was just over 100 lbs and 27 inches. Lexus dam Moonshine was a Hines bred female. She was a Grand Daughter of Bishop (belly brother to Ranger) and Jimbo. Jimbo was 29 inch and 115 lbs. He had a low sperm count so the only way Bill could get any pups from him was to artificially inseminate from him. So there are very few of his pups. Lexus and her sister Beamer (in Oklahoma) are both hard catch-dogs.

"Cisco's sire of course is Mikey. His dam Stella of AS is a Supreme Champion Crusher daughter. Folks say a guy only has one really great dog in his life. But I have been fortunate enough to have had two, Dixieman and Crusher. Stella's dam was a daughter of Ch. Apache. Apache was by Iron Axehead (another four time Pit Champion owned by Joe Painter from my old lines.)

"These two pups carry mostly bloodlines from my dogs of the 70s!!!"

As Alan Scott himself has explained here, Gypsy and Cisco are very unique dogs - and about as rare as you can get these days in the world of American Bulldogs. They are dogs essentially of another time, dogs which embody the original work of Alan Scott as one of the primary developers of the breed, and bred by Alan himself on his own yards at Owl Hollow Kennels. From an American Bulldog enthusiast's perspective, our Gypsy and Cisco are living history, true 1970s Scott type hog-dogs alive and well in the 21st century. From the perspective of a professional breeder of American Bulldogs, Gypsy and Cisco are undiluted, uncorrupted genetic material carefully saved, maintained and continuously refined and perfected from the earliest days of Alan Scott's development of the Scott Type American Bulldog.

For our own hybrid type American Bulldog breeding program here at Blasco Family Bulldogs©, Gypsy and Cisco will provide some of the oldest Scott Type American Bulldog blood available anywhere. Almost nobody has even one true, 100% purebred Scott dog, and those who do are not generally using them in hybrid breedings. Imagine you're building a '71 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda from the ground up, and you stop by a friend's house one day and he just happens to have an old factory six-pack manifold and carburators, and a Dana 60 Super Track rear end, both brand new still in their boxes. These two dogs from Alan Scott are sort of similar to that for me as a breeder; they're the real deal, not knock-offs, not remanufactured. I have the true and legendary Scott Type American Bulldogs, running around chasing squirrels in my own front yard as if it were still the 1970s. I mean, every time I see Gypsy glide across the yard, I could swear I hear Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd playing somewhere off in the distance. It's like meeting an Elvis impersonator, only to find out he really is Elvis.

Furthermore, these dogs live up to the more than four decades long Alan Scott reputation for excellence. Gypsy is a well muscled girl just under 75 pounds at the moment, and roughly 22 inches from ground to shoulders. She's still under two years old, so has plenty of growing to do yet. As you'll see, she has basically perfect structure. Also, notice Gypsy's tighter facial skin and "China eyes." This girl does not drool at all, and there is no possibility - not even bred to Johnson Type dogs, that her puppies will ever have saggy eye lids.

Pasterns are strong and nearly straight as Gypsy walks lightly on the toes of her front feet - always ready to burst into a full run, and she's very fast. Hock has good angulation. Stifles are well formed and in line (not twisted outward as is sometimes seen). All feet face perfectly forward. Belly is well tucked, and you couldn't make this dog fat if you tried. She's an athlete - a true sporting dog, with a high speed metabolism, and feeding habits exactly parallel to how much work she's done in a day. It's also worth mentioning that this pic was taken only six weeks after Gypsy had and fed a large litter of puppies, yet her belly is high and tight, having fully "snapped back" very quickly.

Not many American Bulldog rear ends of any type look like this, but that's how they all should look. Note again how all feet point perfectly forward, rear legs are in line with front legs, all angles and proportions perfectly correct, bone and muscle is well developed. Gypsy is under two years old in this picture, and it was taken same day as the last pic. This dog is ready to chase down and battle a hog, just six weeks after whelping puppies, and she looks to have never been pregnant.

Gypsy moves in smooth, fluid motion, nose close to the ground. That's unusual for American Bulldogs, even more modern, supposedly "Scott Type" American Bulldogs as they don't usually have very good scenting ability. Gypsy does, and she can glide smoothly over hills and through valleys, nose to the ground chasing all manner of scents as she goes. The Scott Type American Bulldogs are supposed to be the true hunting dog version of the breed - and this girl bred by Alan Scott still is. While she's no Bloodhound (American Bulldogs are catch-dogs after all, not tracking dogs), Gypsy can in fact follow a scent trail without difficulty, and so can her cousin Cisco.

Here Gypsy plays with Maria. Gypsy has very calm, sweet and docile temperament with her humans - willing to play, but only very gently. She's fantastic with my kids, not only gentle with them, and of course never aggressive towards them in any way, but also very obedient to them. Both of my Alan Scott dogs are very compliant with my kids, fully understanding that the kids are their masters, not simply well loved peers. As far as house/family dogs go, I'll gladly admit that Alan Scott really has captured some great characteristics in his hunting dogs.

Our Visit to Alan Scott's Place...

If you're new to the world of American Bulldogs and American Bulldog lore, there are two primary types of American Bulldogs: Scott type and Johnson type, named for their primary developers, Alan Scott and John D. Johnson. There are of course other types of American Bulldogs. To begin with, the Scott Type dogs are usually called Standard Type these days, and the Johnson Type dogs are generally called Bully Type, Then there are lines that neither Alan Scott or John D. Johnson ever worked with at all, some now called WEBs (White English Bulldogs), and others just Southern Bulldogs, or Old Southern Whites. There are also other lines that descend from the Scott and Johnson lines, now often categorized as different types. And of course Scott and Johnson had help with their own lines as well, from such names as Painter, Margentina, Blackwell and others. All that said, the true Scott Type American Bulldogs, developed and bred primarily by Alan Scott, these are the hunting version of the American Bulldog - dogs bred to chase down and battle hogs.

In December of 2013 Maria and I took a drive. We traveled to a little known farm hidden in Valley Head, Alabama, Owl Hollow Kennels - the original kennels of Mr. Alan Scott, primary developer of the original and world famous game dog, the Scott type American Bulldog.


Alan Scott upholds the best tradition of southern hospitality. He met us with a big smile, a firm handshake, and a hug for Maria. He made us feel as welcome as if we were visiting family. Further, there's no pomp or pretense in this man. He doesn't have an overly proud, rude, or ill spirited bone in his body. His eyes are honest, his smile genuine. He speaks plainly, and answers questions in detail. I found Alan Scott to be a gentleman who looks you straight in the eye as he speaks, choosing his words carefully - the way a man does when he's spent his life standing behind his words. He's the real deal, and while I can't claim to have known him long, I'm proud to call him a friend. To the left, that's Alan Scott and my Maria, Owl Hollow Kennels, Valley Head, Alabama, December 22, 2013.

Left, that's me with Alan Scott talking dogs. Alan Scott knows more about the Scott type American Bulldog than anyone on earth. We walked his yards - up the hills and down the hills, back in the woods. The three of us, Alan, Maria and myself, closely examined every dog he owns, talking history, temperament, structure, health and hunting. The whole day was nothing less than surreal, side-by-side with Alan Scott just shootin' the breeze. We ended in his dining room drinking coffee, still talking dogs into the late evening. I have no doubt he'd have put us up for the night if we stayed much longer, but not wanting to over-stay our welcome, we cleared outa there and let the man get to bed.

Alan Scott remains an NKC Senior Judge, actively judging American Bulldog shows by invitation throughout the world, and is a ranking member of the NKC Guidance Board of Directors for the American Bulldog.


73 lbs. slim
22.5" to withers




Wild Boar Hunt

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